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Colonial Copper, Silver and Gold Coins, Draped Bust, Classic and Coronet Half Cents, Flowing Hair, Liberty Cap, Draped Bust, Classic and Coronet Large Cents, Flying Eagle, Indian and Lincoln Cents, Three cent silver, Three cent nickles, Silver Bust and Seated Half Dimes, Shield, Liberty and Buffalo Nickles, Silver Draped Bust, Seated, Barber and Mercury Dimes, Silver Twenty Cent Coins, Silver Draped Bust, Seated, Barber and Standing Liberty Quarters, Silver Flowing Hair, Draped Bust, Seated, Barber and Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Draped Bust, Seated, Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars, Gold Dollars, $2.50 Gold Liberty and Indian Quarter Eagles, $5 Gold Liberty and Indian Half Eagles, $10 Liberty and Indian Gold Eagles, $20 Gold Liberty and St. Gaudens Double Eagles, American Coins in Albums or Singles, Raw and Certified Coins. Foreign Gold, and Silver Coins, Bullion Gold and Silver American Eagles, Maple Leaf, Krugerrands and others, Paper money, Fine Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches and Sterling Silver.
We offer our clientele over thirty-years of experience in evaluating American and foreign coins.  We can identify, grade and value any coins from Ancient to modern.  Please contact us today for a free evaluation of any single coin or entire collection.  Should you choose to sell your coins, we are committed to offering the highest possible prices.  We can conduct an evaluation at our Plymouth location, or we are happy to come to you.  Please call us today to schedule an appointment with our Numismatist.